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Book Review: Blonde Roots by Bernardine Evaristo

Cover of "Blonde Roots"

Cover of Blonde Roots

By Mandy Webster

Blonde Roots. Bernardine Evaristo. Riverhead Books, New York. 2009.

British author, Bernadine Evaristo’s satirical novel, Blonde Roots is the story of a world turned upside down. It’s a ‘what if’ story that explores the  idea of how different the world might be if it were Africa who had conquered the New World and built up a civilization on the backs of enslaved Europeans. As it turns out, things aren’t that different.

Book One of Blonde Roots is the story of Doris Scagglethorpe, a blonde hair, blue eyed English girl stolen from her family and home in Europa and whisked away into a life of slavery. As Doris makes her escape on an abandoned underground railroad, she relives the horrors of the day she was stolen away from her childhood to become the purchased playmate of a certain “Little Miracle.” Read more…


Read With Me: January Books

Cover of "A Short Story Writer's Companio...

Cover of A Short Story Writer's Companion

By Mandy Webster

It’s the first list of the new year, let’s see if I picked some decent ones this time.

  • When She Hollers by Cynthia Voigt. Another suggested read by a professor. I’m trying to read everything my professors have read so I can actually join in conversations at school!
  • Blonde Roots by Bernardine Evaristo. Picked this one up at Wal-mart the other day from a $3 bin. I was really disappointed in one of the books I’d chosen for last month (still trying to finish it up by midnight tonight!) So, I thought I’d just grab something that looks like a good read: Something different with an actual plot and an original one at that. Check out the YouTube video below. The audience actually laughs while Evaristo reads an excerpt from the book.
  • A Short Story Writer’s Companion by Tom Bailey. Yeah, I know. I still haven’t managed to get through this one yet. But I aim to finish it by the time I start my next class the end of January! Read more…