Cover of "Stormbreaker"

Cover of Stormbreaker

A Book Review

By Corbin DesJardins, teen blogger

Anthony Horowitz’s StormBreaker is a story about a 14-year-old English boy with an everyday life, normal problems, and an uncle in the banking business. But since when do bankers go on trips all over the world and come back with strange injuries?

Alex Rider lives in England with his uncle Ian Rider.  Alex’s parents died in a plane crash when he was just a small baby.  Now the police have arrived in the middle of the night to inform Alex that his uncle had a car accident and died.  The police said Ian Rider wasn’t wearing his seat belt.  Alex knows his uncle wouldn’t drive down the drive way without his seat belt on.  When Alex sneaks into the junk yard to find his uncle’s car, he finds bullet holes in the side and knows that it was no accident that killed Ian Rider.

Alex Rider is curious so he goes to his uncle’s supposed place of work.  Once inside, Alex Rider discovers that his uncle was a super spy.  Now that Alex knows his uncle was a spy, MI6, England’s number one spy agency, wants to recruit him. Alex is sent into the field with gadgets and an undercover identity with the order to save the world.  But Alex Rider is only 14.  How will this work out?

My favorite part in the book is when Alex is chased by two men on motor bikes after they find out his true identity.  The two men shoot machine guns trying to eliminate Alex.  This is one of the many action packed sequences in the book.

This book is a very good mystery and action novel for all you readers looking an action-packed book.  When you finish this book and are hungry for more, go to your public library and pick up the rest of the series.  Book two will blow you away.

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Corbin DesJardins is 13 years old and lives at home with his mom, his brother, and his cat, Zelda. He enjoys skateboarding, playing his guitar, and writing. Check out Corbin’s poems on the Write On The World Blog.