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All That Is Bitter and Sweet: A Memoir (Signed) - Ashley Judd

All That Is Bitter and Sweet: A Memoir (Signed) - Ashley Judd is available from Brew City Book Lovers for a limited time only.

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Synopsis provided by book distributor

In this deeply moving and unforgettable memoir, award-winning film and stage actor Ashley Judd describes her odyssey from enjoying a successful career in Hollywood to becoming a fiercely dedicated humanitarian and advocate for those suffering in neglected parts of the world.

After her first trip to the notorious brothels, slums, and hospices of southeast Asia, Ashley began writing extraordinary diaries—on which this memoir is based—expanding her capacity to relate to, and to share with a global audience, stories of survival and resilience.

Along the way, Ashley realized that the coping strategies she had developed to deal with her own emotional pain were no longer working.

Seeking in-patient treatment in 2006, Ashley found not only her own recovery and an enriched faith, but an expanded kit of spiritual tools that energized and advanced her feminist social justice work. Her story ranges from anger to forgiveness, isolation to interdependence, and depression to activism. In telling it, she resoundingly answers the ineffable question about the relationship between healing oneself and service to others.

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Amanda L. Webster