Cover of "It's a Book"

Cover of It's a Book

By Mandy Webster

It’s a Book! Lane Smith. Roaring Book Press.

After a mention by Kelly Rippa on Live with Regis and Kelly, Lane Smith’s children’s book entitled, It’s a Book! hit the NY Times Bestseller List and got stuck there.

This is a great read for those kids who have forgotten what a real book is all about in this digital age. I’m a bit of a bibliophile myself, so I love this book!

Sure, I love my technology, but I also love the feel of a real book in my hands. The turning of the pages, the  smell of the paper… No one can ever convince me that the book will become extinct, at least not in my lifetime. And, I hope my kids grow to love books as much as I do so humans can enjoy this Earthly, ethereal experience for generations to come.

If you love books, your kids need to read It’s a Book!

Amanda L. Webster