Books in the Douglasville, Georgia Borders store.

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Brew City Book Lovers is looking for guest bloggers to help round out our blog offerings and provide extensive coverage of readers, writers and books in the Brew City area!

Who should apply?

  • Local authors who would like to share their process and promote their books
  • Avid readers interested in reviewing books
  • Local book groups looking to gain members
  • Locally owned Brew City bookstores who want to get the word out about their stores and why you should choose them over the big chain bookstores
  • Book-friendly Brew City café owners
  • Writing teachers interested in sharing their tips and tricks
  • Anyone else who loves books and wants to write about them!

Other possible blog post ideas:

  • Your favorite places to read and write in the Brew City area
  • Favorite bookstores
  • Discuss a favorite genre
  • Book releases, readings, signings and other recent events you have attended in the Brew City area

If Brew City Book Lovers chooses your submission for posting, we will let you know as soon as possible. In exchange for your work, we will link to your website from both the blog post you submitted and from our Friends of Brew City Book Lovers page. Brew City Book Lovers maintains the right to edit your post, as needed, to maintain editorial standards. However, we will not change the voice or meaning of your post.

For consideration, please submit your 500-600 word blog post to Brew City Book Lovers. Include any relevant photos or other artwork with your electronic submission. When submitting images and illustrations, please provide captions and attributions (photographer name, etc.) By submitting images, you agree that you have the right to do so and accept all responsibility for any copyright infringement which may occur as a result of using said images.