Cover of "The Poisonwood Bible"

Cover of The Poisonwood Bible

Last spring, a friend of mine gave me a copy of The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver to read over the summer. Of course, I didn’t get around to it until just recently. Overall, I have really enjoyed the book, and the other night it even made me cry, which takes a lot. The problem is, the book is just way too long.

What I mean is, it seemed to me like the story ended when the Price family left Kilanga, but the book just keeps going and going after that. At this point, I’m no longer enjoying the read. I’m just reading to get it done. I keep hoping for something to happen to get back into the story, but the last couple hundred pages of The Poisonwood Bible are just a huge disappointment. I don’t feel as though the story is moving forward anymore at all. If you’ve read the book, I’d be interested in hearing what you think about this.

I’d also like to start a general discussion here on this and other books I’m reading. So, feel free to comment on any aspect of this work. And, check back later, as I am planning to post a list of books I plan to try to get through each month. That way, we can read along together and discuss the books as we go.


“Literature is one of the few kinds of writing in the world that does not tell you what to buy, want, see, be, or believe. It’s more like conversation, raising new questions and moving you to answer them for yourself.” — Barbara Kingsolver

Barbara Kingsolver J-2009 - Headshot - From her website - photo by Annie Griffiths

Author, Barbara Kingsolver Photo by Annie Griffiths


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Barbara Kingsolver J-2009 - From her website photo by Annie Griffiths

Barbara Kingsolver; Photo by Annie Griffiths